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Academic Progress Standards

Student Financial Services is required by federal regulation to monitor student progression toward completion of degree and certificate programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standard includes a quantitative and qualitative measure of progress.

The quantitative measure states that the student must maintain a specific "earned credit" percentage rate of credits to remain eligible for financial aid. The qualitative measure requires maintaining a GPA that meets the minimum standard necessary to maintain Academic Good Standing according to Temple University policy (refer to the Undergraduate Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal Policy below). Graduate students refer to your college for GPA requirements. Student Financial Services strongly advises that all students review the policies below:   

Academic records are reviewed at the end of fall, spring and the summer two session to determine current academic progress and future student aid eligibility. Students who have met the minimum percentage requirement each semester, and who are in good academic standing according to University policy (GPA requirement), and who have not exceeded the maximum time frame to complete their degree programs (see the SAP policy PDF link above), are considered to have maintained satisfactory academic progress and are eligible for financial aid for upcoming enrollment.

Students, who have lost eligibility for financial aid, may submit a written appeal in order to regain financial aid eligibility. The deadline for submitting an appeal is the end of the 4th week of the fall or spring semester. Appeals received after the 4th week of the semester will not be considered. Because of the short time period between the end of the spring semester and the start of the summer sessions, appeals for summer sessions will not be considered. All appeals will be considered by a Committee and their decision is final. For more information on the appeal process, review the SAP policy PDF link above.