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Scholarships are a type of financial aid that do not need to be repaid. The eligibility requirements and amounts awarded vary. Generally scholarships can range from Need-Based to Merit-Based awards: 

  • Need-Based: Eligibility is determined by a review of the students/families finances. Generally the results the FAFSA application are used to determine a student's "financial need".  
  • Merit-Based:  Eligibility can range from a student's academic, artistic, or athletic accomplishments (not limited to theses categories). In most cases, a student's "financial need" will not play a part in determining a student's eligibility. 

Temple University offers incoming and continuing undergraduate students numerous scholarship opportunities to assist you in financing your education. In addition, each school and college offers scholarships specifically for students enrolled in their programs. In most cases, students must be enrolled full-time and seeking a degree in order to qualify for theses scholarships. 

Temple University's Office of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising offers Undergraduate and Graduate student scholarship opportunities, workshops, information sessions and individual appointments

Unless otherwise noted, international students and immigrants are eligible for most scholarships. Please be sure to check with your Temple University school or college for additional scholarship opportunities.

Information regarding third party awards is found on the Temple University Bursar website.

Scholarship Opportunities at Temple

Additional Scholarship Information

Scholarship information from outside sources can be found at the below websites.