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How much is my tuition?

Temple University's tuition rates vary by school or college, number of credits completed, residency, and enrollment status. Tuition Rates do not include housing/meal costs or the costs of books. For more information about your tuition visit the Tuition Rates / Tuition Calculator section of the Bursar's Website.

How are tuition and University fees determined?

Registered students are assessed tuition and fees based on a variety of factors. For more information please visit the Explanation of Tuition and Fees section of the Bursar's website

What does it cost to live on-Campus?

Housing Rates can be found by visiting the Temple Housing website. Meal Plan costs can be found by visiting the Temple Dining website. The amounts posted are per semester rates, not the cost for a full year. 

Will my financial aid eligibility change if I change my housing status?

Some changes in housing status may impact your financial aid eligibility. For example, if you change from On/Off Campus to Commuting (living with parents/relatives), your estimated Cost Of Attendance (COA) will be reduced. The COA for Commuting is less than the estimated COA for living On/Off Campus. In turn, your financial aid eligibility could also be reduced. For more information visit the Housing and Financial Aid section of our website

When is my bill due?

Registered students with a balance due will be issued an e-bill in accordance with the billing schedule. If you are registered at the time the first e-bill is generated, up to 3 e-bills could be issued for the Fall and Spring semester. Newly registered students are billed for the first time on the Monday following their initial registration date. For more information about specific billing dates, visit the Billing Schedule / Information section of the Bursar's Website