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Accept Your Award

Financial Aid in TUportal 

After you receive TUmail notification of a financial aid award letter offer, visit the Costs and Aid tab of the TUportal.

  • To review the financial aid award letter offer select View Award Letter.
  • To Accept, Decline or Reduce any of the awards select SSB Financial Aid. 

The Financial Aid section of the TUportal will allow a students to review Eligibility (Financial Aid Requirements, Holds, and Satisfactory Academic Progress statuses), Award information (Account Summary by Term, Award for Aid Year, Award History and Withdrawal Information), and review the Federal Shopping Sheet  

Select Award for Aid Year (drop-down selection required) and then review the tabs in order from left to right. 

IMPORTANT: Students must review the following tabs in this order Award Overview tab, Resources/Additional Information, Terms and Conditions and Accept Award Offter. Unfortunatly, if you attempt to review in a different order the tabs could turn "grey" and become inaccessible for 30 minutes. Plesae log out and then back into the TUportal after 30 mintues. If the issue persists, please email to reset your account. 

Select Award Overview to review your Housing Status and Enrollment Status. If they are not correctly listed, please email to request a revised award. The annual cost of attendance figure is also available to review in this tab.

  • Tuition and fees figures are estimates. These figures vary depending on academic program and the upcoming year's tuition rates aren't available until mid-July each year. See the University's Tuition Calculator for current rates. These remain estimated in a student's cost of attendance until late August.
  • Housing figures are estimates. These figures vary depending on a student's housing selection (on campus, off campus or commuter). The upcoming year's University on campus housing rates aren't available until March each year. See the University Housing and Residential Life website for current rates to live on campus.
  • Meal figures are estimates. These figures vary depending on a student's meal plan selection. For students not using a meal plan an average figure is used. The upcoming year's University meal plan rates aren't available until March each year. See meal plan rates for current costs. 
  • Books, Supplies, Transportation and Other figures are estimates. These figures vary depending on academic program, housing status, dependency status and year in college. These are not directly billed by the University.    

Review the Resources/Additional Information tab which contains important information and policies related to financial aid eligbility. We strongly encourage you to share this with your parent/guardian. The requirements to grant permission to pay any and all University charges & to pay previous balances up to $200, if owed are required to be completed by all students.

Review the Terms and Conditions tab which contains the Financial Aid Fact Sheet which contains important information regarding financial aid awarding and disbursement. We strongly encourage you to share this with your parent/guardian.  

Review Accept Award Offer tab to accept, reduce or decline Federal loan and Work Study funding. 

  1. Accept the full award amount (including Loans that you wish to borrow and repay) by selecting Accept Full Amount of All Awards.
  2. Choose: Decline or Accept for each fund.
  3. Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the Accept Partial Amount field. Note: this amount will be split evenly between fall and spring semesters.
  4. To make any changes after you have accepted, declined, or reduced your awards, please email from your TUmail address.

Tips for Accepting Financial Aid Awards

  • Review your Award Letter Offer Carefully.
  • Understand that if your FAFSA application has been selected for Federal Verification that means that your award is still an offer and not a guarantee of financial aid eligibility. Complete the Federal Verification process as soon as possible.
  • Create an estimated cost summary for the upcoming year by utilizing the Tuition Calculator. This tool allows a family to estimate estimated tuition, housing, meal plan charges while also inputting financial aid awards and outside resources well in advance of the University e-bill. 
  • Financial aid awards assume full-time enrollment - if you plan to enroll less than full-time contact the SFS office
  • Report additional funding sources not listed on your award letter, including Tuition Remission, University or non-University awards such as Academic Merit scholarships, outside Scholarships, and Grants to Student Financial Services (SFS).  These awards may affect your current financial aid package and eligibility for funding, (i.e.; University based, Federal, and State Grants and Federal Student Loans).  If your financial aid package changes you will be notified via your Temple University e-mail account when the revised award letter is ready to view.   
  • Making Changes – Housing and grade level statuses must be corrected on the FAFSA, or by contacting the SFS office.    


Financial Aid Requirements

Financial aid requirements allow the SFS office to confirm a student's financial aid eligiblity. These requirements are found within the Costs and Aid tab in the TUportal.