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Accept Your Award

Financial Aid Award: Self-Service Banner (SSB)

After you receive TUmail notification of an award letter, visit TUportal and select Self-Service Banner (SSB) from the TUapplications on the left. NOTE- You may need to use an Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. 

Once in SSB, click into the Financial Aid tab and choose the "Award" button to View Account Summary; Review Awards; Accept/Reduce/Decline Award Offers; View Loan information; Review Withdrawal Information.  Then, continue forward by selecting "Award for Aid Year." 

From the Financial Aid tab, complete the following 3 steps in this order to accept your financial aid award.

  1. Select the "Terms and Conditions" tab to the Financial Aid Fact Sheet to review the general information regarding financial aid eligibility. All University students receiving financial aid should review all terms and conditions related to financial aid awards and disbursement.
  2. Select the "Accept Award Letter" tab. If you wish to reduce or cancel your loan amounts for the upcoming year, you have the option to do this here. If you accept the full amount of financial aid (including loan funding), click "Accept Full Amount All Awards."
  3. Select the "Resources/Additional Information" tab to answer the Title IV Authorization questions.

IMPORTANT: If you complete these steps in a different order than listed above, your tabs in the award area may turn "grey" and become inaccessible. If this is the case, please log back into the site after 30 minutes and try again. If you are still having access issues after waiting 30 minutes, please contact Student Financial Services to have the account reset.

Financial Aid Requirements: Self-Service Banner (SSB)

After reviewing the financial aid award in SSB, students should review all financial aid requirements. Once in SSB students can select the Financial Aid tab then “Financial Aid Status” button to review overall status, holds, academic progress, all financial aid requirements, outside resources and financial aid history.

Tips for Accepting Financial Aid Awards

  • Review your Award Letter Carefully! Make sure enrollment status, housing status and sources of aid are correct.
  • Changes to your enrollment status may affect your financial aid award. Your initial financial aid award is based on your matriculation status at Temple University and your projected enrollment status as a full time student (12 credits undergraduate and 9 credits graduate).  Before you change your enrollment status, please review your decision with a member of the Student Financial Services (SFS) counseling staff.
  • Report additional funding sources not listed on your award letter, including Tuition Remission, University or non-University awards such as Academic Merit scholarships, outside Scholarships, and Grants to Student Financial Services (SFS).  These awards may affect your current financial aid package and eligibility for funding, (i.e.; University based, Federal, and State Grants and Federal Student Loans).  If your financial aid package changes you will be notified via your Temple University e-mail account when the revised award letter is ready to view.  
  • Accepting your Award – Accept, adjust or decline your financial aid award offer online in Self-Service Banner (SSB).   
  • Making Changes – Housing, enrollment and grade level statuses must be corrected on the FAFSA, or by contacting the SFS office. Review all awards and notify SFS if there is an aid source listed that you did not anticipate receiving or are not eligible to receive.
  • Federal Perkins Loan – Students offered a Perkins Loan will be notified via TUmail when your Perkins Master Promissory Note (e-MPN) is available to sign.  By accessing the website, you will also be offered the opportunity to have the information mailed to you. Your Perkins Loan will be credited to your University Account once you have completed an electronic or paper Promissory Note as well as the Entrance Interview.