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Academic Progress Standards

Student Financial Services is required by federal regulation to monitor student progression toward completion of degree and certificate programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standard includes a quantitative (time-based) and qualitative (grade-based) measure of progress.

The quantitative measure states that the student must maintain a specific "earned credit" percentage rate of credits to remain eligible for financial aid. The qualitative measure requires maintaining a GPA that meets the minimum standard necessary to maintain Academic Good Standing according to Temple University policy (refer to the Undergraduate Academic Warning, Probation and Dismissal Policy below). Graduate students: Refer to your college for GPA requirements. Student Financial Services strongly advises that all students review the policies below:   

Eligibility Review: 

Academic records are reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) once the Office of the University Registrar completes the end of semester processing review (this can be 1-2 weeks after finals week). The SFS Office review will determine current financial aid satisfactory academic progress and future student financial aid eligibility. Students who have met the minimum 67% percentage requirement (cumulative earned credits / cumulative attempted credits = earned percentage), and who are in good academic standing according to University policy (GPA requirement), and who have not exceeded the maximum time frame to complete their degree program (not exceeding 150% of the program's published length of study), are considered to have maintained satisfactory academic progress and are eligible for financial aid. 

Academic Recovery: 

According to Temple University policy, students who return to the University under the terms of Academic Recovery are not considered to be in Academic Good Standing for their first term under the Recovery contract, and are therefore ineligible for federal grant and loans, tuition remission, and institutional grants and scholarships for that semester. Students in the first term of Academic Recovery are not permitted to appeal for the reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility. 

After the first term of your Academic Recovery, your eligibility for financial aid will be evaluated under the rules for Satisfactory Academic Progress that apply to all students. These rules require that students complete at least 67% of the overall credits they attempt, and also limit the total number of credits a student may attempt for the completion of their degree while receiving financial aid. 

You may be eligible for private/alternative loans for the first semester under Recovery, provided you are eligible under your chosen lender's academic and credit-related requirements. More information on student loans can be found on our Educational Loans webpage. 

Academic Forgiveness:

Students who are readmitted to the University under Academic Forgiveness will retain their former academic progress standing. After completing the first semester upon their re-enrollment, student will be evaluated under the University's current progress standards. Please consult the Academic Forgiveness section of the University Bulletin.

Although your cumulative GPA may have been reset to 0.00 due to Academic Forgiveness, all of your attempted credits (including those no longer being used for credit by the University) must be factored into the calculation of your completion percentage. 

Appeal Process:

Students that have lost eligibility for financial aid may submit a written appeal in order to regain financial aid eligibility. The SAP Appeal Form will become available in the Forms section of this website. The deadline to appeal for the Fall 2020 semester is August 17th (for students enrolled in a summer 2020 term, it is September 3rd, 2020). Spring 2021 appeal priority deadline is January 20, 2021, with a final deadline of January 28, 2021. The SFS office will make every effort possible to process appeals received by the priority deadline so that we may notify students of the decision before the end of the semester drop/add period (see Office of the University Registrar Academic Calendar for deadline date). However, please be aware that students may not receive a decision before the drop/add period concludes. All students are financially responsible for semester charges regardless of financial aid eligibility. The priority deadline for submitting a SAP appeal varies per term, however the SAP appeal form will always list the specific date. Appeals received after a published final deadline will not be considered, and incomplete appeals will be automatically denied. All appeals will be considered by a committee and their decision is final. We encourage students who wish to appeal to meet with a member of the SAP committee to discuss the appeal process.  Please email (subject: SAP Appeal) to schedule an appointment. Please be advised that no emailed copies of appeal forms or documentation can be accepted. Please mail, drop off, or fax all appeal documentation. 

Because of the short time period between the end of the spring semester and the start of the summer session(s), appeals for summer will not be considered.