Dropping Credits

Dropping credits and Financial Aid

Dropping credits may jeopardize current and future student aid eligibility, including loans. The decision about whether or not to drop a course is an academic issue; however, it is your responsibility to understand the financial implications of this decision. Contact Student Financial Services to review how your financial aid will be affected; initial financial aid awards are calculated assuming full-time registration status.

If you drop credits before your financial aid is disbursed

  1. Notify the Student Financial Services office if you plan to attend a less than full-time (less than 12 undergraduate credits or 9 graduate credits) status.
  2. Your financial aid award will be adjusted if your credit registration drops below full-time registration status.
  3. There are some forms of financial aid that require full-time enrollment and will not apply to a student account that has a credit registration below full-time (i.e. Temple University Grant, Federal Perkins loan, some scholarships, etc...).
  4. You will be responsible for the balance on your University e-bill after your aid is adjusted

If you drop credits after your financial aid is disbursed 

  1. If you drop below full-time registration status and some or all of your financial aid has disbursed to your student account you must contact the Student Financial Services office to review your award.
  2. If you drop below half-time enrollment (less than 6 credits for undergraduate and less than 4.5 credits for graduate students) you may be ineligible for aid, including loans. Depending on the time during the semester that you drop a course(s), your aid may be adjusted. Notify the Student Financial Services office to review.
  3. Student Financial Services will revise financial aid awards if a change is made to a student's enrollment.