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Federal Direct PLUS Loans

As a parent, you may need funds in addition to your student's Federal Direct loan(s) (or other sources of aid) to pay for your student's education. The Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) is available to parents of dependent undergraduate students who apply and meet the minimum credit requirements.

All Federal PLUS loan requests are processed for the full year and will be split evenly between fall and spring semesters*.  

Eligible parents of dependent students should utilize the tuition calculator and then apply for the annual loan amount needed. The SFS Office will receive the approved loan information directly from the Department of Education and post the funding to the student's financial aid account. Students will be notified via email of a Revised Award Letter for review - they will then be able to see the processed loan.

Timeline for Submitting Applications:

June 1st, 2022: New parent borrowers for 2022-2023 are eligible to apply for the PLUS loan.

July 1st, 2022: Returning parent borrowers for 2022-2023 (parents who borrowed a PLUS loan during the 2020-2021 academic year) are eligible to apply for a new PLUS loan.

Please use the following links to find more information regarding the Parent PLUS loan.


*Students graduating in December or studying abroad may be eligible for a single-semester Parent PLUS loan.