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Federal Perkins Loans

The Federal Perkins Loan program has expired as of 9/30/17 which means any student that did not receive a paid fall 2017 disbursement to their student account will not be able to receive the funding for the 2017-18 aid year as of 10/1/17.  

Federal Perkins Loans bear a 5% interest rate. Students will be considered for this loan when you file the FAFSA; you do not need to file a separate application. Undergraduate students may borrow up to $5,500 in an academic year, but no more than $27,500 aggregate total. However, the amount is determined by the Student Financial Service Office based on annual availability of funds. Interest charges do not accumulate while you are enrolled in school. 


  • Must be enrolled as a matriculated Undergraduate Student 
  • Meet Temple University Financial Aid eligibility requirements
  • Demonstrate high financial need by filing the FAFSA
  • Due to limited funding, not all students who are eligible will receive this award. Students who are awarded a Perkins loan are not automatically awarded in subsequent years.

Accept and Receive Your Federal Direct Loans

Temple University students should periodically check their TUmail email accounts for information pertaining to their annual financial aid awards.

  • Temple University students must accept offered Federal Perkins loans online in the Financial Aid section of Self-Service Banner in the TUportal after receiving email notification your financial aid award is ready for review. 
  • New Federal Perkins loan borrowers will notified by email when the Perkins Loan Electronic Master Promissory Note and Entrance Interview are available. Once you are notified, complete the Entrance Interview and sign the Perkins Master Promissory Note.
  • NOTE: You will need the PIN number issued to you to complete your FAFSA to complete the Perkins Master Promissory Note.

Decrease or Cancel Your Federal loans

To decrease or cancel your Federal Perkins loan, log into the Financial Aid section of Self-Service Banner in the TUportal, complete the SFS Authorization to Reduce or Cancel Federal loan form and submit to the SFS office or send an email to SFS (sfs@temple.edu) from your TUmail account including your full name, TUID and exact semester/year amount to cancel or reduce.

After your loan is disbursed, you may cancel all or part of the loan within certain time frames. Your promissory note and Student Financial Services will explain the procedures and time frames for canceling your loan.

Federal Perkins loan Repayment

Repayment begins nine months after graduation, termination of your student status, or after you are enrolled on a less than half-time (less than 6 credits for undergraduate) basis. 

Perkins loan repayments are made to Temple University. If you cannot make payments on your loan after the nine-month grace period, you may be able to postpone repayment by pursuing deferment or forbearance. For more information, contact the Temple University Bursar's Office-Credit and Collections.

Understand Default

NEVER ignore delinquency or default notices from your loan servicer.  If you don’t make your monthly loan payments, you will become delinquent on your student loan and risk going into default. Contact your servicer immediately if you are having trouble making payments or won't be able to pay on time.

 Find out what may happen if you default, what steps you can take to keep your loan from going into default, and what your options are for getting out of default. Learn about federal student loan default.

Federal Perkins Loans borrowed from other institutions

If you have borrowed a Federal Perkins Loan(s) from a school other than Temple University and you are currently enrolled at Temple University at least half-time, you may be eligible for an in-school deferment.

You are responsible for any delinquency or default on a Perkins loan. Therefore, if you do not defer Perkins loans from schools other than Temple University, you run the risk of having negative credit information reported to credit bureaus and possibly losing access to future federal student aid.

In some instances, you could forfeit student aid that has already been disbursed to you. This could result in a large balance on your student account, which you will be required to pay.

  1. Get loan contact information. Contact information for the school(s) that awarded your Perkins loans is available on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). Log in to NSLDS with your Federal Student Aid PIN and select “Financial Aid Review.” In “Loan Summary,” select the yellow button next to the loan(s) to view school contact information.
  2. Contact the school. Federal Perkins Loans are serviced by the school awarding the loan or by that school's contracted service agency.  You must contact the school, servicing area, or agency and notify them that you are currently enrolled at least half-time at Temple University. You will also need to request an in-school deferment. The other school will need to verify your enrollment at Temple University—you will need to access your TUportal and select the Student Tools tab then “Enrollment Verification/Transcript” from the Records section. IMPORTANT: You will need to contact the school or agency about deferment every semester as long as you are enrolled at Temple University at least half-time.
  3. Complete the in-school deferment form. Complete the requested in-school deferment form and forward to the Temple University Registrar office- ask the Registrar to attach an official enrollment verification to the form. The Registrar’s office will return the deferment form and verification to the school from which you previously borrowed the Perkins loan.