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Nursing Student Loan

nursing student loan

This federally funded loan is awarded by Temple University to undergraduate and graduate nursing students based on evaluated financial need. Funds are limited and are usually awarded to supplement Federal Direct Loans.

All eligible undergraduate nursing students that file the FAFSA will be reviewed for funding.

  • Documented financial need (as determined by the FAFSA),
  • Federal verification are required before funding can be disbursed and
  • At least part-time enrollment per semester is required. 

The interest rate is 5%, and interest is subsidized until you begin repayment, which begins nine months after you complete or withdraw from your academic program.

Borrowing Limits

Annual grade level (total completed credits):

  • 1st year undergraduate (0-29 credits completed) & 2nd year undergraduate (30-59 credits completed) = $4,816
  • 3rd year undergraduate & 4th year undergraduate (60 credits completed and beyond) = $7,576

Aggregate (total borrowing allowed):

  • $24,768