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Employment and Pay

Obtaining Employment

  • Before seeking any position, you must receive a financial aid notificaiton with an offer of work-study and accept the funding in the Self-Service Banner section of the TUportal
  • On-campus Work-Study jobs are all posted on the Temple University Employment website.  
  • Student hours worked must not exceed the allotted work-study funding for a given semester. 
  • If a department/employer hires a student without confirming the student's eligibility for Federal Work-Study, the employer will be responsible for all wages the student has earned. 

Off-Campus Employment

  • All Off-Campus Employers MUST first be approved by Student Financial Services prior to hiring a student.
  • Employers MUST have a valid contract with Temple University and all required paperwork fully completed in order to be approved to receive off-campus student workers.
  • Off-campus Work-Study jobs are posted on the Off-Campus Work Study Job Bank section of this website.
  • Students MUST receive authorization from Student Financial Services prior to beginning work with Off-Campus Employers. This includes Employers listed on the job bank and Off-Campus Employers that student have found on their own. Temple University cannot process any work-study payments for work performed for unauthorized employment. Payment for unauthorized employment must be made in full by the employer.  

Receiving bi-weekly payment once hired

  • Off-Campus Students: Timesheet for hours worked must be submitted by the supervisors. We cannot accept timesheets submitted by students. Supervisors can submit timesheets to for Off Campus Employers. 
  • On-Campus Students: Hours worked must be submitted via the Kronos system and approved by the supervisor. 
  • Students are paid every two weeks and are required to sign up for direct deposit.
  • Students will be paid only when all appropriate payroll forms are completed and submitted to Human Resources by the hiring department (or with Student Financial Services in the case of off-campus employment). If all paperwork has not been completed, the employer is solely responsible for paying the student. 
  • Questions about paychecks should be referred to work study position’s supervisor or Temple’s Payroll Office. Social Security or Federal Income Taxes may be assessed against earnings depending on the amount earned. Questions on this matter should be directed to work study position’s supervisor or Temple’s Payroll Office.
  • State and local wage taxes will be assessed depending on requirements where the students are employed.

Work Study supervisors and Business Managers

  • Must monitor cost center reports to oversee student earnings to ensure that students do not earn in excess of their work study award. An organization may forfeit its eligibility to employ students if students are continually permitted to exceed their awards. If the student exceeds their award, the employer will be responsible for 100% of the over award, no exceptions.
  • An employer authorizing students to work hours that would exceed their work-study award will be responsible for the total excess earnings, no exceptions.
  • Off Campus Employers should email prior to having students work an off-campus job. Students who work without obtaining proper authorization cannot be paid under Federal or Temple Work-Study funding. Furthermore, all Off-Campus employers must enter into a contract with Temple University which will detail the employer share of the student's wages.