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Guidelines and Eligibility

Federal Work-Study Guidelines

All work-study students and their employers/supervisors  must read the following information about the Federal Work-Study Program. Both the students and their employers/supervisors are responsible for understanding and adhering to these guidelines.

  • The employment of Work-Study students must not result in the displacement of employed workers or impair existing contracts for services.
  • Federal work-study students may not be employed by churches, synagogues, or other religious organizations in activities, which specifically promote their views or ideas.
  • Off-campus services to be performed by Federal Work-Study students must be in the public interest.
  • Federal Work-Study positions may not be connected to any entity or organization engaged in partisan political activity, including lobbying at the Federal level.

Students can also refer to the Student Worker Employer Guidelines from Temple's Human Resources. 

Work-Study is a need based, federal grant designed to allow students to earn funding to assist with educational expenses.  Financial Need is determined by the FAFSA application. The Federal Grant pays 75% of money earned and the employer/department contributes the remaining 25%. 


Student Eligibility

  1. Have a demonstrated financial need as a result of filing the FAFSA
  2. Student must have submitted all financial aid requirements in order for a determination to be made regarding eligibility. 
  3. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  4. Student must be eligible for Title IV ( Federal) Aid funding to qualify for Federal Workstudy. 
  5. Student must be a matriculated student and currently enrolled to continue to work under the Federal Workstudy Program. 
  6. A Federal Workstudy Grant must fit into the Cost of Attendance Budget for the semester/year. All aid cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance Budget. Students can view their Cost of Attendance Budget via the Cost & Aid tab of TUPortal. ( Please note that borrowing a significant amount of Parent Plus Loan or Private Loan funding could affect your eligibility for a Federal Workstudy grant if your Cost of Attendance budget is at it's maximum.)


  • Students are restricted to 20 hrs. per week. Students cannot work during scheduled class time. 
  • Students can only receive pay for hours worked. Federal Workstudy Students are not eligible for paid sick leave, holidays, or vacation days. 
  • Students cannot utilize the Federal Workstudy Grant outside of Temple University unless it is an approved site authorized by Student Financial Services. 
  • Students must utilize their Federal Workstudy offer during the semester it is granted. We cannot roll over funding from one semester to another. 
  • Federal Workstudy Grant eligibilty can change from semester to semester based on Federal Aid eligibility. 
  • Students should not exceed the amount of Federal Workstudy grant for each particular semester. If a student is running low on funding they can email us at to have their account reviewed.
  • Students interested in receiving Federal Workstudy for the Summer Session should contact our office end of April. We do not auto-post Summer workstudy funding.
  • Federal Regulations stipulate that a portion of a student's summer earnings during a period of non-attendance must be allocated oto meet educational expenses for the upcoming academic year. 
  • Students who interact with minors must receive all proper clearances prior to beginning any Federal Work-study employment.