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Guidelines and Eligibility

All work-study students and their employers must read the following information about the Federal Work-Study Program. Both the students and their employers are responsible for understanding and adhering to these guidelines.

  • The employment of Work-Study students must not result in the displacement of employed workers or impair existing contracts for services.
  • Federal work-study students may not be employed by churches, synagogues, or other religious organizations in activities, which specifically promote their views or ideas.
  • Off-campus services to be performed by Federal Work-Study students must be in the public interest.
  • Federal Work-Study positions may not be connected to any entity or organization engaged in partisan political activity, including lobbying at the Federal level.

Students can also refer to the Student Worker Employer Guidelines from Temple's Human Resources. 

Work-Study is a need based, self-help financial aid program designed to allow students to earn money for their educational expenses. The Federal government pays 75% of money earned and the employer contributes the remaining 25%. The only exception is the AMERICA READS PROGRAM, where the federal government pays 100% and no contribution is expected from the employer.

Click here to view a PDF of the Federal Work-Study FAQs.

Student Eligibility

  1. Have a demonstrated financial need as a result of filing the FAFSA.
  2. Be enrolled at Temple as a matriculated student on at least half-time basis.
  3. Be making satisfactory academic progress.
  4. Be enrolled for the coming academic year to be considered for summer term work-study, unless graduating in August.
  5. Students may work for an approved, off-campus community service employer. Students can check with SFS for a list of current employers. 
  6. Students will be paid only for hours worked. Students will not be paid for sick leave, holidays, overtime, or vacation days.
  7. Students participating in the Federal Work-Study Program may work no more than 20 hours per week. Students cannot work during schedule class time. 
  8. Federal Work-Study regulations stipulate that a portion of student’s summer earnings must be allocated to meet educational expenses during the coming academic year. The amount of the earnings (attributed earnings) allocated to the coming year determined by subtracting taxes and job related costs from the students gross summer earnings. The attributed earnings are to be included as a resource when determining the student’s academic year financial need.
  9. Student earnings may not exceed the amount of Federal Work-Study on the award letter for an academic year or a summer semester. A student may earn no more than half the total academic year award during the fall semester. The remaining award is earned during the spring semester.
  10. Federal Work-Study awards are made for the nine month academic year and for the summer. Separate awards and separate Employment Authorizations are necessary for each period.
  11. Please refer to the workstudy schedule for start and end dates for each semester for Federal Workstudy.  
  12. Summer Federal Work-Study is not automatically packaged. Contact SFS for Summer awards & guidelines.