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Fight To Learn After School Program Tutor

Fight to Learn
Job Description: 

List Full Duties & Responsibilities:

During the school year for the fall and spring semesters, student tutors help the children ages 5-12, as staff assistants with homework, schoolwork, reading, cultural enrichments, athletics activities, spelling, computer training, math, literacy, recreational activities and more.During the summer program student tutors help the children ages 5-12, as assistant camp counselors with indoor/outdoor play, field trips, recreational activities, arts and crafts, trips to amusement parks & movie theaters, cultural enrichments, athletic activities, reading & literacy enrichments, and more.

Wage: $13/hr-Approval for work-study grant is mandatory- email to be reviewed for eligibility.

Review Summer work-study eligibility requirements via:

Child Clearances are required and reimbursed to students by Fight To Learn.

Job Site: 6009 N. 5th Street Philadelphia, PA. 19120

Work Schedule:

  • Our after-school program runs from September to June and operates Monday thru Friday, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. A minimum of two workdays per week are required.
  • Our Summer program runs from June to August and operates Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, flexible hours are accepted. A minimum of three workdays per week are required.

COVID -19 Protocols- Since this position is in-person tutors must adhere to COVID-19 protocols set forth by Fight to Learn. 

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Send resume & cover letter to Rodney Moore at

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