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Summer Work-Study


Summer Federal Work-Study Program allows students to earn funding toward educational expenses for the upcoming academic year. Students interested in working during the Summer semester should email us at wkstudy@temple.eduStudents who have secured an approved Federal Workstudy position can email us to request to be reviewed for the workstudy grant. Please review the eligibility requirements below. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student must have a valid FAFSA on file for the current year and the upcoming academic year (2020-2021 & 2021-2022)
  • Student must also have submitted all Financial Aid requirements for 2021-2022. You can locate this in the Cost & Aid tab of TUPortal.
  • Student must qualify for Title IV Aid.
  • Student must have unmet financial need- This is determined by the FAFSA Application(s) on file. 
  • Student must be either enrolled for Summer Session or pre-registered for the upcoming Fall 2021 term.
  • Students enrolled in Summer session must submit the FWSENRL form located in the forms section. 

Awarding Information

  • Student Financial Services will determine a student’s eligibility for a summer Federal Work Study award based on remaining annual eligibility and summer session (s) or upcoming fall pre-registration. Amounts awarded are determined based on available funding.
  • Students enrolled in courses for the Summer I or Summer II sessions must complete and submit the Summer Federal Work Study Request Form to SFS. 
  • Students that are not enrolled during the summer session(s), but are pre-registered for the upcoming fall semester are required to adhere to the federal regulation that governs FWS. The regulation requires a portion of summer earnings be used to meet educational expenses during the upcoming academic year. These attributed earnings are considered a resource offsetting calculated need for the upcoming FAFSA award year. 

Employment Information

Students working On-Campus will be hired through the department posting the position.

Students looking to work Off-Campus must contact Student Financial Services.

  • Off-Campus work must be at an employer that SFS currently has a current contract with. Temple's Off-Campus workstudy program only contracts with local non-profits that provide services to the community. We do not contract with private organizations or organizations that do not meet our community service definition. 
  • Students who begin working without prior authorization off-campus will not be paid through the Federal Workstudy Grant.  Please note that outside organizations do not have access to Temple's HR or payroll system .
  • Please note that having a workstudy award on your account does not guarantee that it can be used towards an internship position. As stated previously workstudy awards can only be used towards Temple contracted non-profit organizations. Students should contact us at prior to working off-campus. 




Summer 2021 & Fall 2021 Federal Work-study Dates:
  • Summer 1- May 8th- June 18th
  • Summer 2- June 19th - August 2nd
  • Fall 2021- August 14th