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Tuition Remission

Many employers pay all or part of tuition costs for employees, and, in some cases, employees' spouses.

If you hold a full or part-time job, check with your employer's human resources office for tuition reimbursement options. Most employer programs are reimbursement plans contingent on passing grades; therefore students/parents are responsible for payment of tuition and fees per the Temple University Bursar billing schedule on the e-bill statement.

If the student qualifies for Temple University tuition remission, either as a Temple University or Health System employee dependent or as a Temple University or Health System employee, Student Financial Services must be notified so that the benefit amount can be taken into account when calculating an offer of aid.

IMPORTANT: Students eligible for tuition remission may not also receive a Temple University Grant (TUG). It is possible a student may be awarded TUG prior to SFS becoming aware of their tuition remission eligibility. In that event, the grant will be removed and the tuition remission benefit will be awarded at the eligible rate.

Students may be eligible for tuition remission and University merit scholarship, however the combined total of awards can never exceed tuition. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can review and assist with questions related to tuition remission and merit.   

Tuition remission eligibility may result in a revision of previously offered financial aid.