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Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study allows students to earn money to help cover non-billable educational expenses by working within Temple University, or at an approved non-profit, off-campus employer. Student are awarded a set amount to use for each semester. Please note that funding is limited so requests for increases are based on available funding. 

Find a work-study job

Work-Study jobs are available at both on-and off-campus locations. Before seeking a position, a student must receive an award letter with a work study award and accept it within the TUportal. If an employer hires a student without confirming the student’s eligibility for Federal Work-Study, the employer will be responsible for all wages the student has earned.

On-campus Jobs

Positions available on-campus are posted on the Temple University Student Employment website.

Off-campus Jobs

Off-campus jobs are posted on the Work-Study Job Bank. All students who wish to work at an off-campus employer must first meet with Student Financial Services to see if their employer is approved for participation in our program. Temple University cannot pay work-study funds toward hours worked with an unauthorized employer.

Important Notice:  Thank you for your interest in Temple's Off-Campus Work-study program.  We are at max capacity for off-campus employers for the 2016-2017 Academic Year.  We are currently not accepting any new requests into the program.  Our program has grown considerable in the past couple of years and in order to effectively administer this program we are forced to put a limit to the amount of employers we can take on.