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Graduate Students

The majority of the graduate student financial aid administered by the Student Financial Services (SFS) office is in the form of federal loan and Work-Study programs. The professional graduate programs found on the Temple University Health Sciences Campus (HSC) are administered by the HSC Student Financial Services office and HSC graduate students must complete the HSC Graduate enrollment form.

The Temple University Office of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising offers graduate student scholarship opportunities, workshops, information sessions and individual appointments.

Finally, for information on the resources offered through Temple University graduate departments visit the Graduate School website.

Eligibility Determination

To receive and retain student financial aid, including the Federal Direct and PLUS Loans, graduate and professional students must file the annual FAFSA and meet certain eligibility requirements. The Federal Direct Unsubsidized and PLUS Loans require graduate students are enrolled at least half time during each semester (minimum 4.5 credit hours). Dissertation students, please see your graduate department for enrollment information. There is no longer a Graduate Enrollment form for Main Campus graduate students. 

Semester enrollment and additional resources must be considered when determining eligibility for the Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan and Work-Study programs. Most financial aid awards are based originally upon the assumption that students will enroll full time (9 or more credits per semester for graduate students). Thus, if students change their status from full- to part-time enrollment, an aid adjustment may result. If a student withdraws from Temple University, an aid adjustment may result. See Conditions of Award section of the SFS website.

Graduate students should contact the SFS office to confirm enrollment (credit registration) per semester.

financial aid awarding

Student Financial Services begins to process graduate student financial aid awards in late May for the upcoming academic year. Students will receive a TUmail notification of a processed financial aid award letter notifying them to review the award in the Self-Service Banner (SSB) section of the TUportal. It is important to notify the SFS office of all enrollment revisions.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

The annual Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan amount for graduate students is $20,500 (divided evenly between fall and spring semesters). Student Financial Services will approve the maximum annual amount of Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan funding and all students have the ability to accept, adjust or decline your financial aid award offer online in Self-Service Banner (SSB) section of the TUportal.  

New Federal Unsubsidized loan borrowers must complete an Entrance Interview and Master Promissory Note (MPN) by going online to the Department of Education website, Once at the site, click the Entrance Interview link, and then Master Promissory link in the tool bar on the left side of the page.

Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

Students interested in the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan should apply online, SFS cannot certify a loan amount that is greater than your annual financial aid budget (cost of attendance).

NOTE: In order for a Graduate PLUS loan to disburse, the student will need to complete a Credit Check/Application,  first time Temple borrows must also complete a Master Promissory Note, and an Entrance Interview at

Federal Work Study

Graduate students interested in obtaining a federal work-study grant must be enrolled at least half time during each semester (minimum 4.5 credit hours) and have demonstrated financial need as determined by the annual FAFSA.

Interested graduate students should contact the Student Financial Services office for more information.

Private Student Alternative Loan

Private alternative loans are managed through private lenders, issued in the student’s name, and require a credit-worthy co-signer. Eligibility, rates, terms, and conditions vary. Approval and interest rates are based on the borrower’s and co-signer’s credit ratings. Alternative loans are agreements between the borrower, co-signer, and the lender.

Other Resources

Graduate students must contact the Student Financial Services office to report all additional resources each academic year.

Additional resources may include, but are not limited to: Temple University graduate student tuition remission, Temple University graduate student tuition scholarships, Temple University employee tuition remission, outside agency scholarships, non-Temple employee tuition remission, Temple University graduate school awards/assistantships/fellowships and Temple University departmental scholarships.

These additional resources will be used as resources by the SFS office when determining student’s Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and Work-Study eligibility. These resources may appear as “estimates” on the financial aid award letter until funds are received by the SFS office.  Please confirm all other resources you receive with your graduate school or the other funding source. 

Financial aid is audited throughout the year and this may result in adjustments to student financial aid awards if additional resources are received.