Self-Service Banner Process

The Student Financial Services’ Financial Aid section of the TUportal will allow students to review their eligibility (financial aid requirements, holds and satisfactory academic progress statuses), award information (account summary by term, award for aid year, award history and withdrawal information) and review the federal shopping sheet.

Follow the step below to accept your financial aid offer.

1. Select Award for Aid Year (drop-down selection required) and then review the tabs in order from left to right. 

    IMPORTANT: Students must review the following tabs in this order: Award Overview, Resources/Additional Information, Terms and Conditions, and Accept Award Offer. Unfortunately, if you attempt to review in a different order the tabs could turn gray and become inaccessible for 30 minutes. Please log out and then back into the TUportal after 30 minutes. If the issue persists, please contact SFS. 

    2. Select Aid Offer Overview to review your housing status and enrollment status. If they are not correctly listed, please contact SFS with the updated information and request a review of eligibility. 

    3. Review the Resources/Additional Information tab which contains important information and policies related to financial aid eligibility. We strongly encourage you to share this with your parent/guardian. 

    4. Review the Terms and Conditions tab, which contains important information regarding financial aid funding, eligibility and disbursement. All students must read and accept the information on the fact sheet prior to receiving financial aid disbursements to the student account. All students have the option to opt out of accessing their financial aid information in the TUportal and/or from receiving electronic communication from our office.

    5. Review Accept Aid Offer tab to accept, reduce or decline the Student Federal Direct Loan and/or work-study funding. 

    Review Your Aid

    Accept the full amount (including loans that you wish to borrow and repay) by selecting Accept Full Amount of All Awards.

    Choose Your Action

    Choose Decline or Accept for each fund. Click on the phrase “accept or decline” to make your selection. 

    Optional: Accept a Partial Amount

    Accept a partial amount by selecting Accept and entering the amount in the Accept Partial Amount field. Note: This amount will be split evenly between fall and spring semesters.

    How to Make Changes to Accepted Aid

    To make any changes after you have accepted, declined or reduced your awards, please email  from your TUmail address.

    Tips for Accepting Financial Aid Awards


    Look over your offer. Contact SFS if you need to make changes.

    Check your requirements.

    Federal verification and other requirements may affect the amount of your awards and your ability to accept them.

    Review your estimated cost of attendance.

    The budget on your aid offer contains a breakdown of your estimated costs based on your student profile. You can use the tuition calculator to estimate more specific housing and meal plan costs.

    Your aid offer assumes full-time enrollment.

    Contact SFS if you will be enrolled less than full time.

    Report additional funding sources.

    Additional awards such as tuition remission, scholarships and grants may affect your current aid eligibility. Report these sources to SFS.

    Notify SFS of any necessary changes to your student profile.

    Housing and grade level statuses must be corrected on the FAFSA or by contacting SFS.

    Check your tuition rates before changing your major.

    Colleges have different tuition rates. Use the tuition calculator to review the rates before changing your major, as this may affect your eligibility.