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International Students

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services maintains information about a variety of sources of financial aid available to international students pursuing an education in the United States. Learn more about financial aid for international students by visiting their website.

Undergraduate Students

Financial aid for international students applying to undergraduate programs is very competitive at Temple University. International students are not eligible to receive U.S. Federal or state-based financial aid and are expected to finance the entire cost of their education.

However, Temple University does offer some international student academic scholarships that partially cover the cost of tuition to undergraduate applicants with outstanding academic records. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years of study provided the student maintains certain academic qualifications.


Students need not apply for these awards, which are made as part of the Undergraduate Admissions decision process. International students who possess excellent academic records from high school, and above average TOEFL and SAT scores, will be considered for a scholarship of $2,500 or $5,000 per academic year.

Graduate Students

If you are considering applying for admission to Temple University as a graduate student, you will need to communicate with the academic department to which you are applying. All financial aid or scholarships at the graduate level are managed through the individual academic departments.


Education USA has information on the student visa application process, planning for your education at a U.S. school, and sources of assistance for international students interested in studying at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Other online sources for financial aid for international students can be found at International Education Financial Aid.