Planning for an Additional Semester or Academic Year

Students who enroll for an additional semester or academic year should be mindful of changes to their financial aid eligibility. There are limits to the amount of federal, state and institutional aid that a student can receive which will impact their eligibility in their additional semester(s). 

Students can review their federal eligibility usage at, and PA State Grant usage at

If you are enrolling for a 9th semester or a 5th year, please make sure your graduation date is correctly updated. This may affect SFS's ability to process loans or other aid for you.

Federal Aid Limits

The U.S. Department of Education places limits on how much aid a student can receive per year, but also over the course of their education.

  • Federal loans—Dependent undergraduate students are limited to borrowing no more than $31,000 in total.
    • There are also annual limits in place. Review the limits on the Federal Student Loans page for the annual maximums.
  • Federal Pell Grant—Undergraduate students (both independent and dependent) may receive the equivalent of 12 full-time semesters’ payments. Pell Grants disbursed in summer and at prior institutions count towards this figure.

Students attending for an additional year may see a reduced amount of Pell Grant and/or federal loans. Review your federal aid history at to determine how much aid you may have remaining. Students should also be aware that their dependency status may change, which can affect the types of federal aid they are eligible to receive.

State Grant

The Pennsylvania State Grant limits students to receiving the equivalent of eight (8) full-time semester grants. Grants received in summer count against this total.

You can review your grant history at If you received a PA State Grant for all four years of your enrollment, then you may have exhausted your eligibility.

Temple University Grants and Scholarships

Students are limited to receiving no more than eight (8) semesters’ payments of Temple University grants and scholarships. Students who complete four years and remain enrolled for an additional semester or academic year may exhaust their grant and scholarship eligibility.

Students can contact SFS to review their financial aid history and eligibility for an additional semester or year.

Additional Aid Options

If you are in need of a 9th semester or full 5th year, then please plan for limited financial aid options. You may need to consider a private loan to cover your educational expenses. Students can also make use of ScholarshipUniverse in apply for additional non-loan funds.