Education Abroad

Students interested in study abroad opportunities should review the Temple University Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses website for helpful process and scholarship information. Students in good academic standing that file the FAFSA will be considered for financial aid.

Students who need a loan adjustment based on their attendance in a study abroad program should complete the Study Away Loan Request Form and submit to SFS.

Temple Students Attending Temple Abroad Programs

Students who are studying on a Temple study abroad program may use Temple, federal and state financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships). Applying for and receiving financial aid for a Temple study abroad program works almost the same as it would for students studying at any of Temple’s campuses. The Study Abroad office supplies budgets to Student Financial Services for all study abroad programs. If accepted into a study abroad program, students are encouraged to submit a copy of their acceptance letter to SFS. SFS will review the student’s financial aid package with respect to the study abroad budget. This may result in changes to the student’s aid and budget.

For applications and more information about study abroad scholarship programs, contact the Study Abroad office.

Semester/Academic Year Study Abroad

Students attending a semester or year studying abroad should

  • complete the FAFSA early in the calendar year. If eligible, SFS will notify students of their financial aid award and disburse aid to the student’s account in the same way as if you were taking courses at any of Temple’s campuses;
  • sign-up for direct deposit in the TUportal (Student Tools tab) to ensure refunds are efficiently processed; and
  • if students are interested and eligible, a limited number of work-study positions are available at Temple University Rome.
Summer Study Abroad

Students attending a summer study abroad should

  • be aware of the limitations on summer aid. Students may receive federal Pell Grant, but other aid (such as federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans) may be limited based on the student’s prior eligibility; and
  • meet with SFS to discuss how the student will cover expenses and be aware of any important deadlines or time frames, such as how long it can take to receive a refund.

Temple Students on Non-Temple Abroad Programs

Temple students who plan to study as a visiting or non-matriculating student at another college or university are required to submit a Temple University Student Consortium Agreement for the specific academic year or term along with the corresponding adviser approvals for the specific term.

International Semester or Academic Year Study Abroads

In addition to the Consortium Agreement, you must complete the Request for Approval to Study Abroad process approved by your academic adviser if you have been approved to study abroad internationally through a non-Temple program. Once all required documents have been received and reviewed by Student Financial Services, the eligible funding is sent directly to your host institution or program per the instructions on the Consortium Agreement. Funds are processed and transferred based on Temple's disbursement schedule.

If you are travelling internationally, any eligible funding will be posted to your account once all documents have been received and the appropriate semester enrollment has been updated. Summer packaging and disbursement follows Temple's timeframe, not the host institution's. Information on summer funding is available on the Summer Financial Aid page of this website.

Temple Academic Merit Scholarships can be used towards your fall or spring semester study abroad tuition, provided the scholarship does not exceed the amount of tuition assessed by the study abroad program. In the event that your merit scholarship is greater than the program's tuition, the scholarship will only be awarded for the amount of the tuition assessed. Academic Merit Scholarships cannot be put towards summer or other short-term study abroad programs. However, if your scholarship comes with a Merit Stipend, you can request the stipend to be put towards your summer costs. Your program must be at least 28 days long and for a minimum of 3 credits.

Summer Domestic Study Abroad

You must be approved to take courses at a domestic institution during the summer. Eligibility is confirmed through the submission of the Permission to Complete a Course at Another Institution After Matriculation, which must be approved by your academic adviser. The adviser approval process can be intitiated via TUPortal

Once your documentation has been received and reviewed, any eligible funding will be awarded, disbursed, and transferred to your host institution according to the instructions on the Consortium Agreement. Information on summer funding is available on the Summer Financial Aid page of this website.

If you are taking classes at both Temple and an outside institution at the same time, then your aid will be disbursed to your Temple student account to pay your Temple charges first. Excess funding can then be transferred to the other institution. If the host institution requires your courses to be paid upon registration, then you may submit an official invoice showing that all charges have been paid in full to have the excess funding processed as refund instead of being transferred to your other institutions, provided no other Temple charges have been assessed.

Non-Temple Students on Temple Programs

Students from other institutions should consult with financial aid officers at their home institutions to find out which sources of aid are available to them and what the processes are for using aid to attend a Temple program. Federal awards and a number of state awards are generally transferable to Temple and other institutions.

In general, most institutions utilize a contractual agreement, usually called a consortium or consortial agreement, as a means to process a student’s aid when that student is attending another hosting institution, such as Temple. The agreement is usually forwarded to the hosting institution, completed by the host and then forwarded back to the student’s financial aid office. In some cases the aid is forwarded directly to Temple. In other cases the aid is forwarded to the student. Again, students must check with their home institution early on to make sure they understand what aid can be used and what the process is. If your institution uses consortial agreements, these agreements should be forwarded to Study Abroad for completion.

Students who intend to finance all or a portion of their overseas study through financial aid funds must follow procedures designed to ensure that required forms are completed prior to departure for their program. Students from other institutions attending a Temple study abroad program must document their awards by providing to Temple Study Abroad

  • photocopies of the official notification letter(s). Such letters should state the amount, source and date of availability of the awards; and
  • the name, title, address and phone number of the person or persons responsible for the administration of each of the grants, loans or scholarships submitted. Also included should be the name and address of the regular financial aid office at the student’s home institution.