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Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study allows students to earn money to help cover non-billable educational expenses by working within Temple University, or at an approved non-profit, off-campus employer. Student are awarded a set amount to use for each semester. Please note that funding is limited so requests for increases are based on available funding. 

Find a work-study job

Work-Study jobs are available at both on-and off-campus locations. Before seeking a position, a student must receive an award letter with a work study award and accept it within the TUportal. If an employer hires a student without confirming the student’s eligibility for Federal Work-Study, the employer will be responsible for all wages the student has earned.

On-campus Jobs

Positions available on-campus are posted on the Temple University Student Employment website.

Off-campus Jobs

Off-campus jobs are posted on the Work-Study Job Bank. All students who wish to work at an off-campus employer must first meet with Student Financial Services to see if their employer is approved for participation in our program. Temple University cannot pay work-study funds toward hours worked with an unauthorized employer.

Important Notice: We are currently reviewing requests for Off-Campus non-profit organizations. If you are interested please email us at