Temple-Japan Matriculated Students

As a Temple University student, you can either study on short-term study abroad programs through the study abroad office located on Main Campus in Philadelphia, or attend Temple Japan as an admitted student in Tokyo, Japan. Students are admitted directly through Temple Japan in Tokyo and referred to as TUJ students or Japan admitted (JA), whereas short-term study abroad students are always referred to as study abroad students. This page contains information for students who are enrolling at Temple Japan, not students attending a study abroad. Please see the Education Abroad for information regarding funding a study abroad.

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) students will communicate primarily with the Office of Student Services located in Tokyo, Japan and the Main Campus Student Financial Services office will work with the Office of Student Services to process financial aid awards for all TUJ students. TUJ students and parents make all tuition payments directly to the TUJ bursar’s office in Tokyo, Japan.

NOTE: All TUJ students should email financial aid inquiries (include full name and TUid) to  (TUJ financial aid coordinator) and  (Main Campus SFS office). When in doubt, include both email addresses on the inquiry.

Financial Aid Eligibility

Both undergraduate and graduate students matriculated at Temple-Japan who are either U.S. Citizens or Eligible Non-Citizens may file the FAFSA to apply for federal aid. Eligible students may utilize federal grants and loans, but not federal work study. Students are also able to utilize private loans for for their expenses.

Temple-Japan students are also evaluated by TUJ's admissions office for merit scholarships.

Veterans Benefits at TUJ

Students may use their beterans benefits at TUJ. TUJ is listed under the same veteran’s approval as Temple University Main Campus. TUJ students should review the TUJ website for more information on the application process for the veteran’s benefits.