Manage My Account

A live snapshot of your account is available on the Costs and Aid tab of TUportal.

You can access the Student Account Statement through the steps listed below. Alternatively, students may access their account via TUpay.

  1. Log into TUportal and go to the Costs and Aid tab.
  2. Scroll to the Student Account Statement.
  3. Select Charges and Payments from the menu.
  4. Click Submit to open a live statement in a new window.

Account balances are only issued for a term in which the student is registered for at least one (1) credit.

Important Details

Tuition Rates

Official tuition rates are released mid-July. The fall account statement will update first with tuition and fees, then housing and meal plans (if applicable), and then financial aid will be updated to ‘anticipated.’

Anticipated Aid

Financial aid begins to disburse to accounts at least two business days prior to the start of term. Until that point, aid may be listed as ‘anticipated,’ in that it is expected to pay on the scheduled date.

If you have financial aid that is no longer listed as ‘anticipated’ but has not disbursed, then there are two possible factors at play.

  • You are no longer eligible for the aid previously listed, or
  • the first billing due date has passed and something on your account is preventing disbursement.

The act of paying financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans) to an account is disbursement. Disbursement begins two days prior to the start of term and runs continuously throughout the term.

If financial aid is listed as ‘anticipated’ aid, then it has not officially disbursed. If aid is still listed as ‘anticipated’ after the scheduled disbursement date, then students should check their financial aid requirements. Part-time enrollment may also affect disbursement.

Some aid has delayed disbursements. For example, PA State Grants, DCTAG and Pittsburgh Promise all disburse later in the semester. Please contact with questions regarding your aid.