Unusual Circumstance Appeals - Dependency Override

Due to ongoing delays at the US Department of Education, we will be able to process these appeals sometime in July, when the Department begins accepting these confirmations in their system.

The Office of Student Financial Services will automatically initiate appeals for students who indicated on their FAFSA that they are have unusual circumstances that prevents them from providing their parents' information on the FAFSA

If you do not meet any of the criteria to be considered an independent student on the FAFSA, or you are experiencing unusual or extenuating circumstances that prevent you from listing parental information, then you can apply for a Dependency Override Appeal by sending an email to sfs@temple.edu with the subject line "Unusual Circumstances Appeal Needed."

Documentation related to the appeal will be requested once the appeal form is completed. We cannot accept this documentation via email. The Dashboard is the most secure and fastest method to submit documentation to our office.

Appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If approved, it is important to note that the financial aid offer will likely not be enough funding to cover the cost to attend Temple University. It is very possible that additional funding will be needed to assist with the outstanding balance. You can review current year tuition rates via the Tuition Calculator linked to the Costs & Aid tab of TUPortal or at the Bursar's website.

You must answer 'yes' to this question on the FAFSA to access this appeal: Do unusual circumstances prevent the student from contacting their parents or would contacting their parents pose a risk to the student?

Initiating an Appeal

Please follow these steps to initiate an Unusual Circumstances - Dependency Override Appeal:

1. Log into temple.studentforms.com
2. Click on the "Manage Requests" button in the upper right hand corner.
3. Select "Professional Judgment: Unusual Circumstance Appeal" for 2024-25.
4. Provide a brief description of your circumstances.
5. You will be redirected to the appeal in full. You must complete the appeal form, sign it, and provide supporting documentation for your appeal to be reviewed.

Circumstances We Are Able to Consider
  • You left home due to an abusive or threatening environment
  • You were abandoned or are estranged from both parents
  • You have refugee or asylee status and are separated from your parents, or your parents are displaced in a foreign country
  • You are a victim of human trafficking
  • Your parents are incarcerated and contact with them poses a risk to you
  • You are otherwise unable to contact or locate your parents
Circumstances We May Not Be Able to Consider
  • Parent(s) refuse to contribute to the student's education.
  • Parent(s) are unwilling to provide information on the FAFSA or documents for the Verification process.
  • Parent(s) do not claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes.
  • Parent(s) live overseas.
  • The student is self-sufficient.
Required Documentation
  • A completed electronic Dependency Override Appeal form (completed in the SFS Dashboard) that includes a section for you to provide a personal statement that summarizing the current extenuating circumstances that prevent you from including parental information on the FAFSA. The statement must include the names of both biological parents, relevant dates of contact and all other important details of your situation that will support the appeal.
  • Third Party documentation (someone outside of the family) - signed, typed statement from at least one person outside of your family that has knowledge of your extenuating circumstances. All statements must be uploaded on official letterhead with a signature, contact information, and date
    • Acceptable third parties include, but are not limited to the following:
      • Counselors or Teachers
      • Clergy or Community Groups
      • Government Agencies
      • Medical Personnel
      • Courts or Prison Administrators
  • All other documentation that supports your extenuating circumstance. Please note, the Office of Student Financial Services may request other documentation that is specific to your situation.


There is not a deadline for submitting a Unusual Circumstance - Dependency Override Appeal. As long as you are actively enrolled, you may request the appeal during your registered term(s). However, there comes a point when we cannot provide a thorough review before the semester ends. As such, we recommend submitting your appeal no more than two weeks prior to the end of term to ensure our office can review before your enrollment ends for the year. Please see below for those suggested dates. We also strongly recommend providing all requested documentation with your appeal to ensure an efficient and timely review.

Due to condensed time frames, we cannot guarantee a timely review during the summer enrollment terms. Appeals requested during the summer sessions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to ensure we can review and respond before the end of the term.


This table describes the recommended dates for submitting a Dependency Override.

Enrollment Period

Last Day of the Enrollment Period

Last Day SFS Can Review

Fall 2024 registration only

December 17, 2024

December 3, 2024

Spring 2025 registration only, or Fall 2024 & Spring 2025

May 6, 2025

April 22, 2025