Changes to Aid Eligibility and Balances Owed

There may be circumstances in which your aid disbursed to your account and then is adjusted afterwards.

Changes in Enrollment

  • Dropping courses during add/drop may affect your financial aid eligibility. Dropping from full time to part time may result in decreases to your grants and/or loans that may result in a balance due.
  • If you received a refund and then changed your enrollment, you may owe that refund back.

Withdrawals (Excused & Other)

  • Federal regulations require SFS to review any student who withdraws from the full semester. Financial aid is ‘earned’ over the course of the term, and withdrawing early may result in a portion of your aid being returned, which can result in a balance owed. This applies to excused withdrawals (medical or other) as well.
  • If you fail all of your classes, you will undergo the same evaluation and are subject to aid cancellation.

Changes to FAFSA Data

  • Altering your FAFSA after aid has disbursed may result in our office requesting additional documentation to confirm the changes. Your eligibility may be impacted as a result of this review, and aid may need to be returned, even after it has disbursed.

Cost of Attendance Adjustments

  • All aid offers are issued on the assumption of full-time enrollment and based on your profile at the time. Changes to major and tuition rates, housing and meal plans, and enrollment (full-time to part-time) may result in changes to your overall cost of attendance. All changes are reviewed after the end of the add/drop period. Reductions to your cost of attendance may result in aid being adjusted to keep you within that figure, including the reduction of loans or other aid that results in a balance owed to the university. Please review your financial aid offer and contact SFS before making adjustments.