The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award (named after Eli Segal, a pioneer of national service) is a post-service benefit given to individuals who complete a term of national service in one of three approved AmeriCorps programs. The AmeriCorps award is used to pay current educational expenses at approved post-secondary Title IV institutions. Awards may be used for both Title IV and non-Title IV educational courses.

Requesting AmeriCorps Payments

An individual who has an education award submits a payment request to an eligible institution through the person’s online account in My AmeriCorps.

The institution receives electronic notification of the payment request. Utilizing the My AmeriCorps online system, the authorized certifying official completes the request by providing required information related to the request and certifies that the payment meets (or does not meet) the criteria.

AmeriCorps Disbursement

Funds are received from AmeriCorps in two even disbursements per semester, the timing of which depends on the approved certification date, the start date of the semester and the semester midpoint.

Funds from certifications approved prior to the start of the semester are applied to the student’s account two weeks after the enrollment start date and approximately two weeks after the reported semester midpoint.

Funds for certifications approved any time after the semester midpoint will be received approximately two weeks from the certification date.

Example Scenario

  • Electronic request sent to university Aug. 9
  • Certification approved in the amount of $2,000 on Aug. 12
  • Semester begins Aug. 26 and ends Dec. 18
  • Midpoint date is Oct. 22
  • Half ($1,000) will be paid approximately two weeks after the start of the semester (Aug. 26), and the remaining $1,000 two weeks after the midpoint (Oct. 22).
  • If request was received on Oct. 24 and certified Oct. 25, certification of the full $2,000 will be disbursed approximately two weeks after Oct. 25.
Reasons a Certification Request May be Denied

One possibility is the incorrect term information was provided. When completing the online request, semester must be specific (i.e., fall 2022).

Students must also be currently enrolled in the semester you are requesting payment.