Past Due Accounts

Your student account is past due whenever payment is not received by the payment due date.

Late Payment Fees and Financial Holds

If you do not pay the total account balance in full by the final due date, then your account will be assessed a late payment fee and subject to a financial hold. A financial hold restricts certain university services, including future registration. It does not affect your access to buildings, dining halls, Canvas or your Temple email. If your account balance remains outstanding, the financial hold also prevents graduation as well as the processing of official transcripts. The Credit and Collections unit of the Bursar’s Office assists current and former students with resolving financial holds.

Resolving Delinquent Accounts With Private Loans

Federal aid cannot be applied to a prior balance. If you cannot resolve your balance out of pocket then you may use a private loan from a lender who permits the funds to cover prior balances. Check with your lender to ensure eligibility.

Students who obtain a private loan need to complete the Prior Balance Loan Certification and submit it to TUportal. Forms can be sent to via TUSafeSend.

A Note About Summer Balances: Summer balances cannot be included in a Fall/Spring loan application. Summer remains a separate term from Fall and Spring and requires separate private loan applications. Additionally, if you have incurred a Summer balance, please know that it is a different academic and aid year from the proceeding Fall and Spring.

For Example: Summer 2023 is part of the 2022-2023 academic year. Fall 2023 is part of the 2023-2024 academic year. If you owe a balance for Summer, we cannot certify a loan for Summer 2023 as part of the certification for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.