Suggested Documentation for SAP/MAX Appeals

Reason for Appeal

Examples of Supporting Documentation

What to include in your personal statement

Personal illness or injury

Satisfactory Academic Progress Medical Documentation form (located on SFS Forms site)
• Statement from a licensed healthcare provider
• Hospital discharge note
•Return Authorization Statement from an approved Petition for Excused Withdrawal

Specify the dates and impact from your illness and injury, as well as treatment plan moving forward.

Death of a family member or significant person in student’s life

• Copy of the death certificate, or
• Copy of obituary or funeral notice

Your personal statement should clearly outline name of the deceased, the date of death, and their relationship to student.

Illness, accident, or injury of a family member or signifcant person in student’s life

• Satisfactory Academic Progress Medical Documentation form (located on SFS Forms site)
• Statement from a Physician or licensed Healthcare Provider
• Hospital discharge note

Student’s personal statement should clearly outline who was injured or ill, when this occurred, treatment dates in correspondence with the semester(s) student did not make academic progress.

If your role as caretaker impeded your progress, you must outline and document the changes to person's care.

Natural Disasters

• Insurance claims
• Articles related to Natural Disaster
•Mortgage or lease with address corresponding to area afflicted by a natural disaster

Your statement and documentation must be clear about the plan to attend while handling the cleanup, renovations, or other recovery.

Other documented special circumstances beyond a student’s control

• Statement from a Third Party professional
• Copy of police report with relevant information to student’s personal statement
• Approved Petition for Excused Withdrawal if applicable

Student’s personal statement must clarify how the situation was extenuating and unforeseen, and how it corresponds with the semester student did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Do Not Submit the Following:

  • Temple Academic Transcript
  • Entire medical history from a doctor’s office or hospital
  • Transcripts from universities or institutions outside ofTemple
  • Original copies of legal or medical documents, as any submitted appeal will not be returned to astudent
  • Petitions for Excused Withdrawals that have not been approved.