Federal Nursing Student Loans

Nursing Student Loans

This federally funded loan is awarded by Temple University to undergraduate nursing students based on evaluated financial need. Funds are limited and usually awarded to supplement Federal Direct Loans.

All eligible undergraduate nursing students that file the FAFSA will be reviewed for funding.

  • Documented financial need (as determined by the FAFSA),
  • Federal verification are required before funding can be disbursed and
  • At least part-time enrollment per semester is required. 

The interest rate is 5%, and interest is subsidized until repayment begins, which occurs nine months after the student completes or withdraws from their academic program.

Nursing Student Loan Details

Borrowing Limits

Annual 2023-2024 grade level amounts (based on total completed credits):

  • 1st year undergraduate (0-29 credits completed) & 2nd year undergraduate (30-59 credits completed) = $5,460
  • 3rd year undergraduate & 4th year undergraduate (60 credits completed and beyond) = $8,588

Aggregate (total borrowing allowed):

  • $26,928
Loan Requirements
  1. The Nursing Student Loan is accepted by accessing the "Financial Aid Package" section within the Costs & Aid tab of your TUportal account. 
  2. Students will receive an email from Temple's loan servicer, University Accounting Service via  within five business days of accepting the loan. The email will direct the student to the University Accounting Service website to:
    1. Complete the online Entrance CounselingPromissory Note and Truth in Lending requirements. Students will need their FSA ID 
  3. Loan funds will disburse to a student's account on the fourth business day after completing the online requirements. The university is required by federal law to delay loan disbursements for three business days and disburse funds on the fourth business day.
Creating Your Account with your Loan Servicer

Nursing Loans are serviced by University Accounting Service, LLC

Once you accept your loan, you can create your account on UAS's website. You must create a username. You will need your address, email, and Social Security Number to setup your account. You do not need the School ID or the UAS account number when creating your account.  You will need to validate the account to complete set-up. You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully set up your account.

If you have any difficulty with this process, please contact the Office of Credit & Collections at payloan@temple.edu for assistance.